1.11.17 Resolutions

2017! The year that I attempt to blog again. Mostly because these next twelve months are going to be a literal whirlwind, and I want to take the time to write things down and soak it all in and remember it all. Anyway, I’ll do my best here. I’ve tried blogging twice before this and I always seem to fizzle out. But motivation has finally seemed to find me, so let’s give it a go, shall we?!

New Years is probably one of my favorite holidays of the entire year. There’s just something so magical about starting fresh. Opening up that brand new, blank calendar, and filling it with all your plans and dreams for the future. And yes, I’ll admit, I am one of those annoying people who loves New Years Resolutions. I love hearing about what everyone else hopes to accomplish over the year, or what they want to improve on—how they’re going to better their own lives. There’s something really inspiring about it all.


Since Alex and I have been living together, we like to make a few resolutions together each New Year. Last year we decided that we really needed to start recycling in our home, and so we got a bin and now we’re recycling pros. It was that easy! Naturally, we wanted to step up our game in 2017, so we’ve decided to start composting! Nothing crazy of course – just banana peels, coffee grounds, and egg shells – food items that we eat daily – to add to our garden soil out back. It was funny because we both came back from spending the holidays with our families and were each inspired by our mothers who are both doing this themselves! It’s a small way to cut down on waste and to better our planet, which we are all about over here.

Our second resolution is to spend more time cooking in the kitchen together. We do a lot of meal prepping on our own since we have opposite work schedules, but we also recognize the importance of sitting down to a meal that we both prepared together. It’s also been fun flipping through our cookbooks, pointing to a page, and saying “this is our dinner tonight!” What are some of your New Years Resolutions? I’m still fine-tuning my own personal ones 😉

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This year, two of my very wonderful friends (who just so happen to be getting married this year!) were in town for the holiday! We had a low key celebration in our cozy little home, with a homemade dinner, a kickass charcuterie board, and lots of gin & tonics 😉 We also rounded up the neighbors for an intense game of Chinese Checkers because that just happens to be one of our very favorite late night past times around here. We spent the first day of the year taking a long walk on the beach, grabbing sandwiches, and overall just relaxing and enjoying one another’s company. Also, a huge shout out to Rach and Virg for being the best guests ever, and for cooking us some delicious pasta and scallops before heading back to the east coast! We love you guys — come back soon!

Processed with VSCO with hb2 presetProcessed with VSCO with hb2 preset

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