1.30.17 A January Lookback List

Ever since I was young, my favorite part of back-to-school shopping was always picking out a planner for the year. There’s something so satisfying about filling up the blocks of each month with things to look forward to. Since no longer being in school, my planner looks a litttttle bit different – gone are the days of homework assignments and group projects, and in their place are some less exciting things, like car payments and utility bills. But, for every mundane responsibility, there’s also something super fun and exciting planned for each month…like weddings and showers and bachelorette parties and birthdays! Visitors and plans to hike, or to see a new movie, or to take a day trip to a new part of town!

When I was on the prowl for the ~perfect planner~ my Planner Obsessed Soul Sister, Val, was right there with the best recommendation: The Happy Planner. You guys. These things are crazy. You can find them at any craft store (I got mine at Michaels) but definitely make sure you a have a coupon with you. And you can add all of these fun pages to them like pocket folders or workout routines (they even have a wedding planning packet!). You can go extra crazy with fun stickers and things of that sort, but overall I kept mine pretty simple.

Anyway, the point of all this is that, at the start of each month, The Happy Planner has a list entitled “CURRENTLY, THIS MONTH” and then it lists things like Reading, Watching, Feeling, etc…

I’ve come to really enjoy filling out these lists throughout the month. There’s something to be said about physically writing things down. It holds you more accountable maybe? I like to look back every so often and see what I was doing each month because it seems like they are going by faster and faster these days! But to get to the point, I thought it would be fun to conclude each month on the blog with one of these lists. And if you’re reading, I’d love to hear what you’re reading and watching and dreaming about each month! Maybe we can all recommend some good books and tv shows and recipes to one another!

So, without further ado…




One of my focuses lately has been trying to spend less time on my phone, and more time doing more productive things for my mind, like reading! This month I’ve read The Magnolia Story by Chip & Joanna Gaines (HGTV’s “Fixer Upper” Couple) and I loved every page of it! They are super inspiring and their story is something special. If you’re a fan of the show, then I definitely recommend reading this one. Currently, I’m reading The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing by Marie Kondo. My neighbor, Lauren, checked this book out at the library, read it in record-time, and lent it to me! Some aspects of it are a little silly (like thanking your shoes for a job well done), but overall it’s a great guide if you’re feeling a little bogged down by the things in your home, but don’t know where to start!


This one is easy! I’ve been busy planning our wedding! And I’ve also been in the beginning stages of planning my friend, Lauren’s (I know a lot of Laurens) Bachelorette Party!


I don’t really watch a crazy amount of TV, which might be a little ironic since I work in the business, but I do catch up weekly with HGTV’s Fixer Upper. Alex has recently gotten me obsessed with Scrubs, which we catch on Netflix when we’re home together (or for those two days where I was home sick with a stomach bug!). And then most recently, I’ve gotten sucked into Lifetime’s Project Runway Jr. because those kids are just incredible and so inspiring! Season 2 is currently airing, and the Avant Garde Challenge has been my favorite by far!


We tried out a new Brussels Sprouts recipe (they’re my favorite veggie) from Chrissy Tiegen’s cookbook: “Cravings”, that included a balsamic glaze, bacon, walnuts, feta, and dried cranberries! I also really like cooking with Trader Joe’s Yellow and Red Curry Sauces. They’re delicious, and so easy to add to a stir-fry and serve over rice!


We like to stick to a pretty healthy diet at home, so we eat a lot of chicken, steak, tofu, and salmon paired with lots of veggies, rice, and potatoes! We also went out for Korean BBQ for (my) first time this month with a bunch of friends, and it was incredible and so much fun!


Alex has been all over the slow pour-over coffee game this month. I also really enjoy sparkling water, and right now my favorite brand is La Croix – lemon and orange are my favorite flavors. And obviously, I can’t leave out #winetime 😉


Wedding inspiration and sewing tutorials!


I am always weaving away! This month I’ve been working on my first circular-loom weaving. I also disassembled a short kimono top that I had purchased from World Market, and recreated another one with some really pretty fabric I found at Joann!


We’ve been actively trying to spend more time in Hollywood, as well as exploring other parts of town, like Pasadena! We’ll be back up that way in February too, for the Pasadena Flea Market! Despite the first half of the month being pretty rainy, I think I’ve gone hiking every single weekend this month!


My wonderful fiancé, Alex. All of my beautiful friends. And my incredible family! And obviously my perfect pup! 😉


About our MiniMoon! We booked with AutoCamp in Santa Barbara for three nights, and I’m so excited to explore the town on beach cruisers as newlyweds!


I’ve been feeling super motivated this month! Like I mentioned before, I’m trying to focus my time and energy on more productive things throughout each day, whether it’s making, fitnessing, cooking, or reading…ever since watching that Minimalism Documentary, I’ve been feeling so inspired and motivated to do more of what makes me happy and feel good!


I cannot get enough Jazz in my life. My favorite jazz playlist on Spotify, currently, is the Coffeetable Jazz Playlist. John Mayer also released Wave One of his new album and I think it’s fantastic…I just wish there was more! I also just recently discovered the Release Radar Playlist that Spotify curates for you depending on your music library, and that has been fun to check out too!


A new year, full of exciting new beginnings and challenges!

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Tell me about your January!!

2 thoughts on “1.30.17 A January Lookback List

  1. I’ll have to check out that Spotify playlist! I wish I could catch your productive bug – so far this year has been a lot of socializing and lazing around. All good things, except when it comes to my to-do list…. 🙂

    1. i love you for always reading my posts!! socializing is important though…you’re keeping those relationships that matter to you, alive ❤

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