2.10.17 The Rose Cafe in Venice

Although Alex proposed to me exactly one year ago on this upcoming February 20th, we decided that we wanted to celebrate one year of engagement last weekend, since we have lots of prior engagements filling up our weekends this month!

One of the things that I love most about this incredible fiancé of mine, is his willingness to go along with whatever adventure I tend to throw his way – whether it’s a hike an hour or two away, a day spent at a museum, a new restaurant or coffee shop that I’ve come across on Instagram, or a day of window shopping just to get inspired.

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This last weekend consisted of the last two. I had come across this restaurant in Venice called The Rose Café, and what particularly drew me to this place were the beautiful macramé plant hangers filled with gorgeous swooping greenery and giant Edison bulbs. This was like, my dream, guys. The Rose Café is sort of an iconic restaurant in Venice, since it’s been around since 1979. The menu consists of local Southern California cuisine with some international influence throughout. Overall, the vibe in there is awesome. All of the staff was very friendly, and the food is excellent! (albeit a little on the more expensive side). There’s both indoor and outdoor seating, a beer garden, a market and bakery, cocktail bar, and coffee bar! Sounds dreamy, huh?


After lunch we decided to stroll along the streets of Venice and Santa Monica because it was a beautiful day and we had no place to be but there together. We grabbed some coffee to go and wandered in and out of little storefronts, having conversations with some of the nicest locals we’ve come across. I think you know you’ve found the right guy when he doesn’t complain once about going into little artsy shops all afternoon, but instead pulls you into a card shop and says, “lets check out this one!” I love him so 🙂

Alex even caught a glimpse of a little jewelry shop on the corner filled with local artisans who each rent their own space and create all of their jewelry right there! He pulled me in and suggested that we start looking at wedding bands. Cus, you know, we’re getting married in approximately two months (!!!). Everything was absolutely beautiful, and after looking around some more since then, I think we may have found a winner!

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I could not have asked for a more perfect day, celebrating the best (and fastest) year of my life! Every single day I spend with Alex, I’m reminded that I’m marrying my very best friend, and that I get to have days like these for the rest of my life 🙂


Processed with VSCO with a5 presetspotted while in Venice: more wings!


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