2.26 A Bridal Shower Afternoon

With our wedding day only two months away, I thought I would take a moment to thank all of the wonderful women in my life who worked together to throw the most perfect of Bridal Showers that I could have ever asked for! We had my shower back in December, since that was the last time I would be home before our wedding week! I don’t know how my mom handles everything on her plate at times, but she spearheaded the entire production, and she is really pretty incredible. Whenever my own life seems to get even a little hectic, I try to channel her inner-badass vibes and handle it all without freaking out. I feel like all moms are secretly superwomen…

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She worked with my four bridesmaids, and together, they planned the whole thing without me knowing a single detail! From what I was told later, there were a lot of secret text messages back and forth 😉 My only request, when they were planning the shower, was that we could have it at my parents’ house, because my mom and dad do such a beautiful job with decorating and making the home feel welcome and relaxing, & those were the vibes that I was hoping for!

The entire day was incredible! There were about 25 of us in attendance, and each Bridesmaid was put in charge of something different — Kaylie put together a Mimosa Bar with different kinds of mimosas with fresh fruit, and led a hilarious spin-off to the normal wedding dress toilet paper game (instead of constructing wedding dresses, we constructed lingerie!), Daniela led “present bingo” when it was time to open gifts, Lauren put together the sweetest video that involved Alex that I’ll treasure forever!, and Rachael set up a table for everyone to make their own flower crowns (which were a huge hit)! She also put together a fun little photo-backdrop with snowflakes, because who doesn’t love a good photobooth opportunity!? There was a gorgeous white cake with succulents on top, a catered meal, mulled wine, and enough laughter that left my cheeks sore for the next couple of days!


All of those brilliant things aside, my favorite part of the day was sitting in the family room (on the bridal throne, as my mom deemed it!), surrounded by all of these influential women in my life. There is nothing I love more than strong, independent women, who lift each other up and come together to celebrate the good things in life. It’s such a special feeling, to be in a room where people are there to celebrate you, and I can’t wait until our wedding day…to spend an entire evening with all of the people who have come into our lives at one point or another, and who have helped shape who we are today — we have all of you to thank! It’s almost a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and I cannot wait to relish in it.


So, to wrap this all up, I’d like to thank everyone who attended my Bridal Shower and made it one of the happiest days of my life. Each of you made the day better in your own special way. Thank you for showering me with hugs and beautiful gifts, but also for showering me with your love and laughter and time. Thank you to my Bridesmaids, who continue to surprise me day in and day out with their thoughtfulness. And thank you, most importantly, to my incredible mother! You are who I aspire to be like when I become Alex’s wife. I love you!


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