4.3 Lessons Learned from WonderCon

One of the perks that comes along with our line of work in the Entertainment Industry, is free admission to events such as WonderCon and ComicCon because we’re “professionals.” (Thinking of myself as a “professional” literally makes me LOL). This past Saturday, we were lucky enough to attend WonderCon in Anaheim for a couple of hours, and it was a blast.

I think it’s easy to hear the term “WonderCon” and immediately write it off as weird or nerdy, but after attending, I find myself confident in saying that anybody who is anybody would have a great time at one of these conventions. You see, it’s a comic book, science fiction, and film convention that is held every year, and it’s kind of the warm-up to the larger, more well known Comic Con, which is held in San Diego each year. The reason that I say anybody would enjoy themselves at one of these events is because even if you’re not interested in comic books or science fiction to a great extent, chances are that you enjoy Star Wars or Harry Potter, Marvel comics and/or movies, or that you grew up with and still feel nostalgia for Power Rangers or Pokemon or countless other TV shows and/or movies. Even Disney! Disney counts too! The events are fun – they’re packed with people wearing costumes of their favorite characters…and the more obscure the character, the cooler you are. You basically spend the day wandering around different booths looking at different artists’ work or products. You can play new video games coming out; you can buy funny t-shirts or other novelty items. But you can also meet tons of big stars and go to a bunch of different panel discussions too. It’s a whole weekend jam-packed with activities and opportunities to make new friends.

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^^my favorite costumes of the day!^^

Alex had taken me to a similar event last year – The Star Wars Celebration, also held in Anaheim, and I left with a greater respect for the movies themselves! Because, what I took away from these experiences wasn’t so much about the different booths or panels, or even about who had the coolest costumes (and trust me, there were some very cool costumes at each), but rather, what stood out to me most at these events was the confidence that everyone displays there.

You’ve got to understand that a lot of the people that attend these events were probably kids who had spent a lot of their teenage years getting picked on because they weren’t necessarily into all of the mainstream things that only high-schoolers can equate with being “cool.” And maybe some of those people still haven’t found their tribe. But at these conventions, they don their best costumes and they walk around like they own the place. Because they’re surrounded by like-minded people who are accepting and excited and just happy to be there. And it’s incredible to see everyone lifting each other up and supporting one another. It’s incredible to see people who are 100% themselves. Honestly, I feel sorry for anyone who doesn’t know the feeling of being so passionate about something in their own life.

My brother and I were talking the other day about how when you become completely confident in who you are as a person – when you stop caring about what other people are going to think about what you’re doing, what you’re wearing, or even what you’re saying…that’s when you attract the best kinds of people in your life. You attract your Tribe. I think it’s a great goal for each of us to strive for. And I think attending these Conventions makes me realize that it is a totally attainable goal.

I walked around the entire day with a gigantic smile plastered on my face, because to me, there’s something really special about being surrounded by people who are simply doing the things that they love.


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