6.20: Alex’s 30th Birthday Bash

Monday marked a milestone in the Lewis household: Alex’s 30th Birthday!!! Since it was such a monumental birth year, we decided to celebrate on Saturday with many of the wonderful friends that Alex has made over his last six years here in LA. Something that Alex has taught me throughout our years together has been that you don’t always need to travel the world or spend lots of money to celebrate…what really makes a moment special is the people that you share it with.

Overall, we probably had over thirty people stop in to celebrate Alex throughout the day. We spent the early part of the afternoon at the beach playing games of volleyball, eating pizza, swimming in the ocean, and drinking beers. It was a gorgeous day and the water was perfect! Our first swim of the summer!!

For the second half of the evening, we invited everyone back to our place for a backyard BBQ. Julie manned the grill and cooked up burgers and hot dogs for everyone! We also whipped up some pulled chicken in the crockpot, green salad, fresh fruit salad, beer and black box wine, and lots of snacks! Alex’s mom, Lori, was kind enough to pass along her famous Banana Cake recipe to me – something that Alex has always had on his birthdays growing up – and Al said I did it justice, so that’s good enough for me! We couldn’t get over just how many people showed up, and it was so nice catching up with some friends that we hadn’t seen in awhile, while also meeting some of Alex’s newest friends! I think everyone had a really great time, as the party didn’t die until 2am!

So, here I am, wishing the happiest of 30th birthdays to my new husband! Alex, I am so thankful for your love, your companionship, and your bright spirit. Everyday you teach me something new – whether it be a tidbit of news, a semi-useless hockey statistic 😉 , or something I never quite knew about myself. You’re my favorite person to adventure with, my favorite person to eat breakfast for dinner with, and my favorite person to talk in puppy voices with 😉 Thank you for being mine!

And thank you to everyone who braved the LA traffic on Saturday to spend the day in the Southbay with us! We love and appreciate you all more than you’ll ever know!

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