1.9 Resolutions: One Day or Day One

In my first spin class of the new year, my instructor said something that really resonated with me. She said “One Day or Day One. You choose.” With resolutions in full swing, I think this is the perfect thing to keep in mind, not just now, but throughout the entirety of 2018 and beyond!

New Years Resolutions don’t have to start on the 1st of January. They don’t even have to start in January…they can start whenever you make them start. That’s the beauty of setting goals. Are you going to keep telling yourself, “One day I’ll accomplish x, y, and z,” or are you going to say “Today is my Day One. Today I start the journey to accomplish my goals.” ? You may fall off the horse once or twice or maybe 52 times, but every time you get back on track, make that your Day One.

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I love setting goals for myself, so Resolutions in the New Year are fun for me! I usually try to pick a few smaller things to accomplish alongside a bigger, broader idea. (My brother, Jim, calls it his “mantra for the new year” and always comes up with really good ones.)

My “big and broad” idea for 2018 is this: LIVE SIMPLY; ENJOY FULLY.

I think that today – especially with social media being so prevalent – it’s so easy to get caught up in what other people have, what they’re doing, or where they’re going. Getting caught up in that kind of stuff can make you feel overwhelmed or insignificant; like you’re not doing as many cool things as them, or you’re not wearing trendy enough clothes, or your home doesn’t look as put together as theirs. Instead of focusing on what other people have or what I think I need or want, I’m putting a bigger focus on appreciating what I already have. A cozy little home, a loving husband, a goofy pup. An amazing circle of friends, a challenging job, and a short bike ride to the beach. An able body, a close-knit family, and a creative mind. All of the money in the world couldn’t buy those things, and when you think about it that way, you realize that all the other things are just “stuff” anyway. And so I’m focusing more on the smaller, simpler moments: the picnics at the beach with my husband and pup and the bottles of cheap wine shared in the backyard with my girlfriends, and I’m enjoying them as wholeheartedly as I can, because these seasons in life go so quickly by, and so why not be present. Be 100% present. Live Simply; Enjoy Fully – it’s an easy intention to tell yourself each morning when you wake up and greet the day.

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And some other more-concrete goals for 2018:

  • Spend more time enjoying the outdoors; soak up all of the sun and salt water.
  • Start the process of Therapy Dog Training with Marty; bring joy to those who need a little help finding it themselves in times of need.
  • Send more snail mail; let others know that you’re thinking of them.
  • Continue reading more often; expand my views and delve into stories.
  • Continue to write and weave and sew; see where it takes me, creativity knows no bounds!


Additionally, Al and I always make a few little resolutions together:

  • Visit Catalina Island together
  • Take a cooking class together
  • Get our shared finances in order

I have some other, more personal resolutions, that I’m hoping to focus on this year as well…and I always seem to add a few more as the year goes by. I’ve heard some really awesome ones from friends; things that I’m excited to hear how they’re doing with them throughout the year! I’d love to hear what you guys are all hoping to accomplish in this year of 2018! Is today going to be your Day One??



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