9.23 A Marty Pizza Party

Last weekend was a big weekend in the Lewis household: we celebrated our Marty’s 2nd birthday! I can’t believe this pup has been in our lives for almost a year and a half now … time sure flies with him around 😉

I know for some people, the thought of having a birthday party for your dog just sounds excessive … but those people just haven’t met Marty 😉 Plus, it’s just a great excuse to have a couple of friends over for cake, and we’re always looking for an excuse to do that!

^^look at that happy smile! it was like he knew it was his day!^^

When I decided that we were going to have a little birthday celebration for our pup, I knew that it had to be a pizza party theme. Because pizza is Marty’s favorite food in the whole world (although we really haven’t found a single thing that he won’t eat yet…seriously, this dog would eat a whole salad if we put it in front of him!) The very first night that we brought Marty into our home, we had a bunch of friends over and ordered a couple of pizzas. While Marty was zipping around the apartment like a wild man, he managed to snag a slice out of thin air and he woofed that pizza down faster than I could blink! It was really a sight to be seen. Ever since that night, we’re extra careful when we have pizza around, because we know that Marty will stop at nothing to get a slice 😉

^^My friends, Steph and Gabby, just so happened to have the perfect shirts for the occasion…ha!!!^^

IMG_9094^^it wouldn’t be a birthday without his best friend (and idol), Banjo the Brown Dog!^^

Our Marty Pizza Party was simple: we ordered a couple of pizzas and a confetti-flavored Bundt Cake, we printed out some pizza slices from the internet and hung them like a banner, we all wore party hats from the dollar store, and we got Marty a snazzy new set of pajamas for the event. And then we cut up a meat-lovers slice and sang happy birthday to our boy. Our friend, Julie, even gave Marty and I the most thoughtful joint-birthday-gift ever: she donated to the Bull Terrier Rescue of Southern California in our name. My heart swelled at that. Check out their page … it’s full of Marty’s that need to find good homes! Although our current apartment only allows us to have one dog, I definitely have dreams of adopting a second bully someday, and this organization does some really great things for this breed.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

So Happy 2nd Birthday, to our Marty Party! Your dad and I couldn’t imagine our life for the last year and half without you…you make us laugh everyday and you make us want to pull our hair out some days too 😉 But man, if you’re not the sweetest little creature we’ve ever come to love. You put up with our excessive kisses and cuddles, and even though you’re not the best hiker in the world, you always try your hardest for us. You treat every creature — human, dog, cat … even turtle (!) — like you can’t wait to be their best friend, and you make everyone at the dog park smile every time they see you run around like Superman. Experiencing the joy you bring to every stranger you meet — young and old — is one of the proudest feelings I have ever had the privilege of feeling. We love you, Martin, and we’re so gosh darn excited to spend a million more birthdays with you…I promise to share my pizza a little more often with you 😉


Laur & Al

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