8.14 Camping Out in the Carrizo Plain

Even though it was months and months and MONTHS ago, today I wanted to share some photos from our weekend-long camping trip out in the Carrizo Plain. Last April, a bunch of friends decided to pack up our vehicles and head out towards San Luis Obispo (or SLO, for short) to camp out in BLM land during the famous California Superbloom. The trip was made even sweeter because my friends, Lauren and Mat, were visiting from the east coast, and my friends Zach and Alicia, came up from their new home in San Diego … so it was sort of a mini-college-reunion campout!



The Carrizo Plain is actually a National Monument and is also the largest single native grassland remaining in the state of California. If you get past more of the touristy spots, you’ll find yourself on miles and miles of dirt roads where cows cross at their leisure and fields pop with bright yellows and purples and reds. You can catch a view of the San Andreas Faultline while you’re at it, too! But maybe the coolest part about this area, is how easy it is to just pick a dirt road, clamber down it, and pop your tent up wherever you want. We ended up having a pretty hefty crew with us, so the fact that we could set up in the middle of nowhere and not be a disturbance to anyone else, was a major win in our book. Now that I’m finally sitting down to write about it, I’m really itching to go back!


Anyway, not too many words in this post…just pretty photos! I had a great time being out in nature with all of my pals. To me, there isn’t much sweeter than sitting around a campfire, drinking a cold beer, and laughing about funny college memories. This is the stuff that I wish could make up *every* weekend…







thanks for stopping by!!


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