5.12.20 A Lookback to April

Aaaanndddd we’re back! For another lookback to a month in quarantine. Has anyone else felt like time has slowed down incredibly? Some days I feel so lucky to have this time to do the things I used to always find myself wishing I had more time for. And other days seem to pass by and I couldn’t tell you one productive thing that I did. But that is Life in Quarantine … I think.

I’ve been trying to stick to some semblance of a schedule — Alex and I wake up between six and seven. We have our coffee — I read my book — we take Marty on a walk around eight — we let him lead the way, pick the route, smell the flowers. We have breakfast around 9:30 as we start the workday. I break for lunch and practice some yoga. I water the garden, tend to my plants. We end the workday at 6:30 — we’ve started a (almost daily) cocktail hour out back, and then we cook dinner — the days are getting warmer so the grill is getting more use. Usually there’s a bike ride squeezed in there somewhere. We throw something on the tv or get out the playing cards. We go to bed. Some other things may be sprinkled throughout — a trip to the grocery store, a light jog around the neighborhood, some weaving, or an elaborate lunch. Lots of time is spent on our outside patio under our big umbrella, soaking up the long sun-filled days. We watch the hummingbirds hover by the feeder; the crows pick worms out of the grass. We’re thankful and hopeful and stir-crazy and content all at once. We’re looking forward to the day when we can go to our favorite brewery with some friends — to drink a beer and laugh without the hassle of a mask. It feels like it’s getting closer.

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Me Before You by Jojo Moyes — I put together a little book exchange via snail mail with whomever was interested; I got this tear-jerker of a love story! From The Corner of The Oval by Beck Dorey Stein was our book club book this month (we met over Zoom & cocktails!) and I loved it; it follows a young Stenographer in her twenties during the Obama Administration. Denali by Ben Moon had been on my list for forever — Moon is a climbing and surfing photographer/videographer and this biography chronicles his battle with colon cancer with his best friend, Denali (his dog), steadfast by his side. There’s A Word For That by Sloane Tanen was just so much fun … I swear this one needs to be picked up by a streaming service and turned into a series…it follows a dysfunctional family as they navigate their way through rehab and beyond…and of course it takes place in LA!




Schitts Creek, Season 6 if you’re looking for a good laugh and to just feel good. The evolution of this family through six seasons makes me smile just thinking about it…my mom just started the series and we’ve been bonding over our love for the Rose family! Unorthodox on Netflix is an incredible mini-series on Netflix (only four episodes) and totally binge-worthy … based on one woman’s memoir about leaving the Orthodox Jewish community in New York…it’s one of the best dramas I’ve seen in a long time. Becoming on Netflix, is an hour and a half documentary that follows Michelle Obama on her book tour. It’s light and easy to digest and will just make you smile (especially if you’ve read the book!)



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I was surprised, but happy (!) to get a weaving commission this month from a student at Pitt…it had been awhile since I made one of these. I wove this cute little cloud weaving in one rainy afternoon. And then I got this free embroidery pattern from a maker on instagram and made one for my friend for her birthday! I’m really thankful for all of the makers out there sharing free patterns and crafts during this idle time at home! I’ve had fabric sitting out in my studio for new living room pillows for aaaages … maybe May will be the month where I finally get to it!? My sewing machine has been temporarily put away as I had to make room for my work system…


eating / drinking:

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Cocktail hour in our backyard has become one of my favorite pastimes! Normally, I’m a beer & wine kind of gal, but Quarantine calls for something stronger! 😉 We’ve been enjoying delicious Sangria-To-Go (and the occasional Margarita too) from our favorite little Mexican spot across the street; CaliMex. Without a doubt, you can never have just one. He also makes us fresh guac on the spot so he definitely knows how to keep us coming back for more! Gin & Tonics have been flowing (shoutout to my parents!) and so have Fresh Squeezed Grapefruit Vodkas! We’ve been grilling out a lot — burgers, steaks, shrimp, salmon, etc. and pairing with delicious Greek salads and pastas. Nothing screams summer to me like grilling and salads. Oh, and ice cream. We are consuming a lot of ice cream around here! And of course, Al and I tried the new trendy Dalgona Coffee recipe that everyone has been raving about…although I don’t quite have the presentation that my brother has, so I’m sharing a photo of his instead!



At Home Together Series

I shared a post at the end of April, celebrating our Three Year Wedding Anniversary! Celebrations looked a little different this year … we had planned to grab some sushi and to drive down to the Palos Verdes cliffs and watch the sunset over the ocean from our car … but everything was roped off! So we settled for eating sushi in our living room instead and watched Toy Story 4 😉 I think we’ll make it up with a camping trip as soon as we’re able..

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And speaking of three year anniversaries, we also celebrated three years since adopting Marty! Can anyone else believe that we’ve had that little potato for three years already!? Not a day goes by where I don’t give thanks for our little egghead … no one makes me laugh quite like he can. My Bub!


keeping busy with:

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lots of gardening! I took the opportunity while home to really go all out with my backyard garden this year! I built these two shallow garden boxes and picked some good container veggies this year — lettuce, zucchini, cherry tomatoes, onion, edamame, sweet banana peppers, and sugar peas. Every morning I pour my coffee and go down to check on my plants, ha! Not only are my outdoor plants thriving, but my indoor ones are too! I’m getting so many new leaves and have started propagating them to keep them happy in their pots and to give to friends! It’s definitely a fun science experiment to watch new roots form 🙂 I think I’ve always been a crazy plant lady, but quarantine has definitely highlighted it a bit more 😉


Additionally, our Dewey progress has been huge this month!! I am a liiittttle behind on updating, but I’m working on a post that I’ll hopefully have up this week where I’ll go into detail on all that we’ve accomplished and plan to accomplish!




above all else, I’m glad that this whole thing has brought my family together for weekly Zoom calls! They make me the happiest 🙂



thanks for stopping by!



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